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What is CHAOS?

CHAOS is the booster organization for the Cuthbertson High School theatre and choral department. Our goal is to support the programs with the resources they need to have a thriving arts education program.


President  - Michael Edleblute

Co-Vice Presidents of Theater - Mindy Huelle and Trent Huelle 

Vice President for Chorus - Alison Kymer 

Vice President for Support - Darryl Neuschafer

Treasurer - Mike Mann

Secretary - Heather Moretti 


Officer Nominatons 2023-2024

Welcome Letter from the Board:

CHAOS Bylaws:

CHAOS Bylaws

Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting - October 18, 2022
Board Meeting - April 18, 2023
Board Meeting - May 16, 2023
Meeting Informaton

Next Meeting:

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